Gain Intelligent Insights with AI powered analytics

Business Analytics

Improve your business decision-making with insightful strategies.

Machine Learning/AI

Using data intelligently to help you achieve the competitive edge.

Advanced Analytics

We use advanced analytics that enable you to make smarter business decisions in the way of customer life cycle and experience, marketing, operations, as well as fraud and risk.

Modern Data Management

Our modern data management practice aims to achieve your business goals of creating exceptional customer experiences and fuel your top-line growth, by integrating disparate data systems/sources for enhanced information management.

Data Monetization & Modernization

Our data monetization & modernization practice aims to improve your organizational agility and fuel your top-line growth, by making your data work smarter and enable data-driven decision making.

Business Automation

Our goal is to help organizations automate enterprise-wide systems with the end goal of improving time management and eliminating human errors.


Enable seamless business transformation

UX Engineering

Station Indy’s goal is to help enterprises realize the value of user experience (UX) in product innovation, by way of design-led UX engineering that’s crucial to achieving user-centricity.

Visual Design

Station Indy’ aims to improve user experience for enterprises using digital platforms and apps that are interactive & intuitive.

Experience Re-engineering

Station Indy’ goal is to provide organizations unequivocal user experiences at every touch point, and quickly adapt to constant changes in technology and user behavior.

Mobile User Experience

Our goal is to enterprises develop a flawless and highly intuitive mobile UX.